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Qrem Cytokine

Regenerative Technology

Qrem Cytokine, the first lab-in-a-box for OA natural treatment that achieves 75% pain-reduction after 1 year.

An autologous blood-derived serum rich in cytokines:





No need of chemical products

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Currently there is no Osteoarthritis fully satisfactory treatment

About OA

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the commonest form of arthritis. A degenerative and chronic disorder associated with damage to the cartilage and surrounding tissues.

Characterized by damage and loss of cartilage, it causes friction between bones, as a consequence huge pain and disability.

Joints of the fingers, thumbs, neck, back (spine), big toes, hips, and knees are commonly affected.

  • Analgesics, anti-inflammatories and chondroprotectors are used in an early stages

  • Cortisone injections, hyaluronic acid and/or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) when pain and dysfunction increases. These treatments have dose limitations.

  • End stage prosthetic implants

There is a gap in between drug treatments and the most invasive treatment, the surgery for a prosthetic implant.

Some facts of OA

23 millions of Europeans experience limitations in everyday activities due to OsteoArthritis

One in two adults will develop knee OA during their lives

4th leading cause of disability worldwide by 2020

10% of men and 18% of women aged >60 suffer from OA

Increasingly more young people suffer from OA

Dr. Miquel Utset de Clínica CEMU, Clinical Researcher.

Teresa's quality of life has improved by 80% thanks to Qrem method (a cytokine therapy). Two years ago, Dr. Miquel Utset treated Teresa who received 3 intra-articular injections of cytokine rich serum in her knee (in a fifteen days period).


Dr. Miquel Utset of the CEMU clinic explains the importance of cytokines in reactivating the regenerative capacity of tissues. Cytokines are the basis of Qrem Technology (Qrem Cytokine) for treating chronic osteoarticular conditions.

After seeing the spectacular results in his left knee, Ramon decided to also treat his right knee with Qrem's Cytokine Therapy. More than a year and a half without pain in his knees. He is going to the gym 4 times a week without knee pads, something unthinkable before Qrem treatment.

Four years ago, Maria showed a severe knee osteoarthritis and needed a knee replacement. Dr. Miquel Utset treated Maria with 3 intra-articular injections of Qrem's cytokine-rich serum in her left knee (in fifteen days period) , and since then she has stopped needing the prosthesis.

Three years ago Dr. Miquel Utset (Clinica CEMU) treated Ramon, 89 years old, with 3 intra-articular injections of Qrem's cytokine-rich serum in his left knee (in fifteen days period), and since then he doesn't feel any knee pain.


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